The First Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Designed exclusively for your home

Perfect For Your Baby's Nursery, By The Front Door, Or Anywhere Else!

Orra is reinventing the hand sanitizer dispenser and simplifying the way you stay clean in your home. Use it in the baby's nursery next to the changing pad or even by the front door to stop germs before they make it into your home. Being a parent doesn't mean you have to compromise on aesthetics.


front door


Sleek Wall Mount Design

Made to fit perfectly on any wall in your home with our easy stick 3M strips.  No screws holes in your wall!

Automatic Dispenser with Ambient Glow

Touchless dispenser that has a unique ambient glow when dispensing sanitizer.  Smart technology alerts you with red glow when it's time for a refill.

Easy Refill

Never run out of sanitizer! Easy refill system makes it quick and simple to open the dispenser and load a new refill bottle.

Reduce Disease Transmission in Your Home

Germs are everywhere. Published studies show that using hand sanitizers like ours in the home reduces the transmission of disease.

Get 6 Months of Our Foaming Sanitizer for Just $24

Don't want to worry about buying refills? No sweat! Sign up for our easy subscription service and we'll automatically send you 6 months worth of refills twice a year! 

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